A simple but powerful mission: empower entrepreneurs to live their dreams.


What We Do

Newbury Franklin supports entrepreneurs in two ways. For aspiring entrepreneurs, we help them acquire exceptional companies and put them in position to build upon the value already inherent in these great businesses. For entrepreneurs who have spent decades building their businesses, we offer a graceful transition that includes both liquidity and a succession plan.


We believe we are differentiated by our credibility as business leaders, not just investors. Our approach is to partner with founders and management teams in transitioning ownership and supporting business continuity.


Our Philosophy

The journey of an enduringly great company unfolds over decades, not years. Responsible stewards of these companies recognize this fact and organize themselves to sustain over the extremely long-term. With that as a guiding principle, Newbury Franklin is a family of companies being built with an intention to never sell. This mindset – and our corresponding capital structure – drives focus toward sustainable value creation over multiple decades.


As a service-oriented company, we deeply understand that we are nothing without our people. We subscribe to the belief that, in business as on the field, the best team wins. To that end, we invest meaningfully in developing our people and focus extensively on identifying future leaders.