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Newbury Franklin Industrials (“NFI”) is a leading supplier of consumable industrial components serving the industrial and commercial markets in North America. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, NFI is capitalized by a team of experienced business operators that have deep experience scaling companies both organically and via acquisition. NFI believes in fostering entrepreneurial teams and empowering them to do what they enjoy most professionally (i.e. serve clients and create lasting relationships) will result in a company that earns a high-quality reputation with manufacturers, distributors, employees, and customers alike.  In time, we are seeking to build and grow a supplier of consumable industrial components into a generational powerhouse.

Newbury Franklin Industrials Family of Companies

Leading supplier of consumable industrial components to the North American maintenance, repair and operations (“MRO”) market



Exceptional Leadership

NFI's management team are established and experienced operators in the industrial and commercial markets. We are differentiated by our credibility as business leaders, not just investors. We leverage a proven organizational approach to drive organic and inorganic growth. 



­NFI is committed to developing and sharing talent, best practices, and resources across the NFI family of businesses.



Newbury Franklin is organized to operate in the MRO space for multiple decades. We are free of financial and time constraints, which affords the luxury of long-term holding periods – we "buy and build" companies, rather than "buy and flip" them. 


Strong Industry Relationships

­NFI has built strong industry relationships and a diverse product offering, augmented by deep operational expertise.


NFI’s team comprises operating executives and board members with deep experience completing acquisitions with an approach that emphasizes managing smooth, transparent transitions in ownership for all organizational stakeholders.



NFI will add value through centralizing select non-core functions and providing limited back-office support across all platform companies. 

Newbury Franklin Industrials is uniquely suited to honor and extend the legacy industrial manufacturers and suppliers have established during their rich history for six key reasons:


Newbury Franklin Industrials has differentiated itself in the MRO market through:


Seamless Integration

­Seamless integration with distribution customers’ eCommerce sales channels, such as Grainger, Fastenal and Global Industrial as examples.


Sophisticated Analytics

­Sophisticated data and analytics, leveraged to deliver superior customer service.


Product Offering

­USA Sealing produces and carries the deepest selection of products for sealing and flow products, including Seals, Gaskets, Tubing, and Fittings to suit a variety of applications and industries.




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NFI is seeking to augment its impressive organic growth trajectory with acquisition-based growth.